For the first time in the 6 years of sharing my annual goals online, I will extend a previous year’s theme. When something is going well, you nurture it. Give it room to expand and grow. Let it reveal the possibilities. This year, 2024 goals will continue in the spirit of Green with the addition of Abundance.

Why Abundance? This past year felt like when plants do the hard and exciting part of pushing above ground in search of the sun. On the other side of the earth, they start to grow leaves and buds. This year it’s time for flowers, fruit, and bursts of brilliant colour.

It’s going to take a lot more work in the coming 12 months – pulling weeds, watering, enough sunlight, a few kind words. As a non-gardener, I’m fully embracing this metaphor. I love a good visualization and my brain naturally goes there, so I’m painting it for you too.

All this to say, I’ve compiled a list of personal, professional, and travel goals for 2024. Thank you for reading and feel free to share your own hopes and dreams in the comments below!


  • Read 24 Books – Like last year, I’m setting out to read at least 24 books. Three days into 2024 I have not read a single page, but I’m looking forward to a hot cuppa tea and an evening curled up on the couch tonight! In fact, I’d like to finish my first book by the end of this weekend to really give the year a good boost. Wish me luck and happy reading to all of you this year too!
  • Health – Same old here – keep moving each day, with more running and a yoga and / or vipassana retreat this year.


  • PolandIt has been a wish of mine to visit Poland for a very very long time. It’s a part of my ancestry and a place and culture that I’m eager to learn more about, especially while my Baba (grandma) is alive. This is a trip that, for several reasons, has been cancelled time and again, whether due to conflict happening nearby in Ukraine (another part of my ancestry), family illness, or poor timing. I’m putting it back on the list for 2024 though!
  • Newfoundland – To date, Newfoundland is the only Canadian province I haven’t visited. I had plans in 2019, 2020, and wishes for 2023, but it’s remained elusive. Perhaps this is the year, perhaps not. I’d love to take the van out there to be able to putter and dig into local life as much as possible. I’m also itching to ferry over to France and visit the islands of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon. How cool would that be?!
  • Travel for a 10km Race – The pressure’s on now! I’ve been saying for years that I “want” to run 10k. Realistically, it was an empty item on the list. Over the past few years, however, I’ve taken up running with friends, strangers, and by myself, enjoying it more than I thought possible. In 2023 during one said run, I accidentally travelled just over 7km (bit of a story). Surprisingly, I had the energy to keep going, which makes setting a 10km goal for this year feel completely within reach. I also started running in new places while with the van and during recent visits to Ireland. So, a couple of days ago I started researching unique 10km races around the world and have picked out 4 to choose between. Stay tuned!
  • Travel for Music – This is less of a goal and more of an acknowledgement of something I didn’t realize I already do. Travel and music are 2 of the best parts of life. Combining them is a powerhouse experience I want more of in my life. In fact, my first trip of 2024 is already set…back to Ireland thanks to 2 concerts! Hey, when flights cost me less than a tank of gas, can you blame me for returning to my favourite country so often?
The Academy Stage Bathed in Red in Dublin Ireland
  • Visit 6 New Countries – It’s a dream of mine to visit every country and territory in the world. Considering I prefer slower travel, reaching this goal just might take a very full and adventurous lifetime. Thus far, I’ve visited 30 countries (that’s only 11% of the world!) and lived on 4 continents. There’s still so much more to see!!! Some places on my hope-to-see-next list include anywhere in Central or South America, more of Eastern and Nordic Europe, Nepal, Bhutan, Mongolia, the Stans, Iran, any and all of the Polynesian islands, Ghana, Kenya, Tunisia… Who am I kidding? Put me on a plane and have it land anywhere new. I’ll be over the moon wherever I land!

    Last year I sort-of did something I’ve been wanting to do forever – arrive at the airport and buy the next flight within my budget. Instead, I did the next best thing. I used the Google Flights Explore tool to set my budget and discover where I could fly internationally in the coming week. For less than $300 my options were Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. I’d never been to either country and ended up choosing Mexico. What a rush! One day I’ll do this at the airport (do people even buy tickets at airports anymore?) but in the meantime, I’d say that was a pretty close goal tick.
Google Flights Explore Tool
  • Visit 2 New Continents – I have a few friends in Africa and South America. Seeing them would be so much fun to tie into experiencing a new place for the first time.
  • Ship the Van to Ireland – I’m so nervous to share this one! However, if there’s anything the last few years have taught me about writing down huge goals, no matter how achievable they seem in the moment, it’s to DO IT! Then, set the wheels in motion. (In the case of my campervan, that was quite literally what happened!) Let’s be clear about a few things, though. As of January 3rd, the van build is not complete. I have no idea when that will happen. I also do not currently have thousands of extra dollars hanging around for the shipping fees to haul the van to Ireland. For reference, I’ve heard the cost is anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 since the pandemic jacked up prices. Then there’s the matter of how long I/the van could stay in Europe. This might be the easiest part to figure out since I’m eligible for a 2-year IEC visa. It would definitely be worthwhile to ship the van if I can explore Europe for 2 years. Last, of course, is the matter of work and income. Luckily, travel is my job and I can work from anywhere. Universe, if you can hear me, I’m putting this one out there, fingers and toes crossed. Let’s see what we can do together!
Travel with TMc Ship Van to Ireland


  • Write 3 Blog Posts per Month – We’re rocking forward with this goal, keeping things consistent and with some better systems in place to help facilitate the writing process. Boomshakalaka! Speaking of blog posts…if there’s one (or a few!) on Travel with TMc that you’ve found helpful or entertaining, would you mind sharing it right now on your social channels? It makes a huge difference in helping the blog to grow anytime a reader shares a post. Thank you! 🙂
  • Send 1 Newsletter per Month – Ditto to the above.
  • Marketing – Now that I’ve FINALLY organized every single one of my iPhone photos and videos for the past 7 years (it took as long as you are imagining it did), I feel like things can get rockin and rollin. I’ve always been an organizer, colour-coder, you name it, and having a disorganized photo system really hindered my mental capacity to plan and create over the last few years. I thrive in organized environments, specifically for work, school, and home…bring on the chaos with travel though! In 2024 we’re taking all of that wonderfully catalogued energy and channelling it into awesomeness for you! As it stands today, January 3rd, there are 3,005 of us hanging out on the Travel with TMc Instagram page. That’s pretty awesome!
  • Provide More. Provide Better. Service Before Self. The creator space is an odd one. There’s this idea that if you do something you want for yourself (ie. travel) and share online about it, that you are providing people value and therefore can get paid for it. There’s a lot of talk about businesses and blogs just “happening organically” that is an inaccurate depiction of how businesses develop. I think, depending on where you’re starting from and what your goals are, sure, this can make for a mutually beneficial situation. However, this “me first” mentality has not been helpful in my business or personal fulfillment. Don’t get me wrong. I thoroughly enjoy my travels and I’ve made money working in the travel industry. Unfortunately, I think up until this point I’ve missed the mark when it came to creating meaningful material for you. Transparently speaking, I had this fear that if I did too much work that I would no longer be able to travel and enjoy as I have in the past. That I’d be stuck at home, behind a computer, just like everyone else. The goal is not just location independence, but time independence as well. I know how it sounds… For whatever reason, something clicked and my perspective shifted in the last few months. I have a clearer vision of what I want to build and how I want to serve your travel needs, as well as continue to have flexibility with my time and location. Part of this change in thinking came from a conversation with a respected friend who also runs her own business. Another part of this transition is thanks to a business development program I participated in over the last few months. If you own a small business, I highly suggest checking out your area’s small business centre. They’re full of dedicated individuals and helpful resources. So, in 2024 I can’t wait to bring you more and better travel content, through the blog, on social media annnd….. check out the next goal!
  • Start a Podcast Eeeee!!! This is happening this year. I have the gear (still learning how to use it). I have the premise. There’s still some backend work to do to prepare marketing materials, guest emails, and somehow find (make?) a jingle, but the Travel with TMc podcast is launching this year!
  • Start YouTube Channel Since I was little, I’ve documented life behind a camera or with pen and paper. I have hours of video footage of travels throughout the years, as well as the van build thus far. I’ll also be uploading video recordings of the podcast onto YouTube as well. I’m stuck at the moment with where to begin – do I make videos of the old footage or do I just start with 2024’s travels? From a practical standpoint, using the old footage would be helpful since it’s already available. Do people even want to watch this? How do you craft a story with memories from years ago? A million other questions are roaming the streets of my mind at the moment, trying to decide where to begin. Ultimately, I know the point is just to start. (I’m in the process of my first video right now.) Think less, do more. The beginning videos will surely be cringeworthy, as I figure out the software basics and compile montages of shaky video on old equipment…but that’s part of the fun, is it not? I’m looking forward to the process and I hope you are too!

Are you planning any 2024 goals?

What are your 2024 goals? Do you categorize or prioritize them in any particular way? Let me know below, happy new year, and thank you for reading along!

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  • Stephanie Peterson
    January 11, 2024 10:27 PM

    ahhhhhhh! I love all these goals for you – especially shipping your van to Ireland! I can’t think of anything more Tara 🙂

    I know you’ll crush every single one of these and can’t wait to keep following along!


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