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  • You’re a tourism board, business improvement area, or organization looking to share your destination with a new audience.
  • You want to afford travel, the easy way.
  • You want to learn a new language or improve one you already know.
  • You need editing, proofreading, transcription, writing, or photography services.
Work with Tara from Travel with TMc

Services Offered

Language Teaching

Tara is a strong advocate for making mistakes – lots of them and all of the time…as long as they are new ones! She encourages her students to embrace mistakes, being wrong, and feeling silly because that is where the magic of learning happens.

Tara is a polyglot with a background in French, Spanish, Italian, and Second Language Acquisition. She is a complete nerd when it comes to words.

Writing & Photography

Tara helps travel enthusiasts find unique and exciting ways to experience the world in an affordable way. On Travel with TMc, she shares travel stories, tips, and photos to demonstrate how accessible travel is.

As a freelance writer and photographer she brings a fresh perspective to your message, whether you’re a tourism board, business, or community organization.

Travel Coaching

If there is one goal Tara has, it’s for people to know that travel is affordable and that the world is waiting for them to explore.

Through 1-on-1 travel coaching services, Tara covers everything from financial literacy basics, how to build and maintain a healthy credit score, travel rewards programs, and more.

Editing, Transcribing, Proofreading

A fine eye for detail, a knack for spotting errors and mistakes, and pure enjoyment in discovering one too many spaces between sentences makes Tara the perfect editor and proofreader for all of your content needs.

Whether you’re an academic, a business, or fellow blogger, Tara offers reliable, timely, and quality corrections to your copy.


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