Do You Think Travel is Expensive?
Think Again.

There is a myth that travel is unaffordable and unattainable.

I have lived and travelled around the world
and I spend less and less money making it happen.

You can do what I do.  You can pay yourself to travel.

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What Value Will
Travel Coaching Provide?

  • Realizing your dream trip for a fraction of the cost
  • Quality time with family and friends around the world
  • Life-long financial and travel savvy skills
  • Gifting yourself peace of mind and endless possibilities
Howth Village East Pier Lighthouse
Vietnam Primary Colour Temples

How Can You
Pay Yourself to Travel?

With a mix of goal-setting, habit-building, and financial savvy, you can pay yourself to travel. Through one-on-one sessions and custom planning, you will learn tips and tools to responsibly navigate credit, understand travel rewards programs, and master paying yourself back with each purchase you make.

Why Not Pay Yourself to Travel?!

Life is expensive enough.

House prices are skyrocketing, groceries are pricey, and running a vehicle isn’t cheap either.
Why not maximize on your daily expenses?
Why not pay yourself back?

What are you waiting for?  The world is at your fingertips!

Who Can
Pay Themselves to Travel?

  • Working Professionals
  • Families
  • Retirees
  • YOU!  (Yes, you.)
Iceland's Blue Lagoon Face Mask
Northern Ireland's Giant's Causeway

Start Today so
You Can Travel Anytime

We travel for many reasons – for work, quality time with loved ones, spontaneity, unexpected emergencies, and for curiosity and exploration.

The best time to start learning how to pay yourself to travel is now.  Remember the phrase, “save for a rainy day”?  Like building your rainy day fund, paying yourself to travel takes time.  The sooner you begin, the more flexibility and ease you will have booking your next trip!

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Start Today.
Travel Tomorrow!
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