There are many reasons to travel – exploration, adventure, food. However, people (too) often say they can’t because it costs too much. It makes me upset to think people are led to believe something so untrue. Don’t believe me? It’s time to kick these travel myths to the curb. Here are my favourite three beginner travel hacks that you can start implementing today!

Beginner Travel Hack #1: Flexibility

This may sound like a hoax of a hack, but being flexible is the number one way to pave the road for a successful trip. The difference between a happy traveller and a grumpy one all comes down to mindset.

Attitude is everything.

The bus is late? Fantastic! Here’s your chance to discover the delicious local panini shop across the street while waiting for the next bus. Your luggage is missing? Amazing! That’s the perfect opportunity to get creative with the clothes in your carry-on or go on a mini shopping spree with the insurance you wisely purchased before your trip. Upset stomach after trying street food? Even better. Now you’ll have a great story to bring home to friends and family, while becoming super savvy about which street vendors to avoid next time.

One of the three beginner travel hacks is flexibility. Flexibility is Key when it comes to travel. And if all else goes wrong, grab a drink and share your funny travel story with a friend!

Beginner Travel Hack #2: Spend Smart

Remember that time you told yourself travel is only for the rich? You’re wrong (yay!). Over the past 8 years I have lived and travelled around the world and I can assure you I’m not (yet) a millionaire.

However, I do know a thing or two about spending intelligently.

The first step is to be aware of your finances. Track your spending and understand your habits. The second step is to plan for travel with the same mindset that you plan for retirement: save today to enjoy tomorrow. Set a fixed amount aside every month, however big or small. Finally, understand which tools expedite the process of paying yourself to travel. By selecting the correct credit cards, following flight trends, and thinking outside the box, you can save thousands of dollars. Who knows, maybe you’ll get two trips for the price of one!

Beginner Travel Hack #3: Layer Up!

In 2019 I visited the south of Italy for 15 days…and it rained almost every. single. day. I kid you not! That was my 4th or 5th time in Italy and I had never seen weather like that in Italy before. The locals kept saying they hadn’t seen weather like it in 20 years. Luckily I visited Ireland during the same trip and had planned for (some) wet days. Did I mention that I packed with only a carry-on for this trip? Ten-year old Tara would have freaked out.

Instead, I turned to my capsule wardrobes to mix and match various pieces. Changing my packing style to incorporate capsule wardrobes has completely changed the game for me. By packing layers and using a colour scheme, 3 pieces of clothing can easily turn into 5 different outfits.

If there’s one thing you can’t guarantee for a trip, it’s the weather.

Another rainy day in Puglia, Italy!

Bonus Travel Hack: Pay Yourself to Travel!

Did you know that I’ve been saving thousands of dollars on international and domestic travel for more than a decade? It’s true! I’ve been paying myself to travel since 2012. In fact, the number one question I get asked is how I afford to travel so much. Spoiler – I’m not yet a millionaire. That doesn’t matter though because I know how to leverage my everyday expenses to pay myself back in free and highly discounted flights and accommodation. Curious to learn more? I created an online course so that you can use the same travel hacks.

Kaila's Pay Yourself to Travel Course Testimonial

In Conclusion

Sometimes when we hear “_____ hacks” it sounds too good to be true or out of reach. Hopefully this post illustrates how three very real, very simple “travel hacks” can help beginners (and pros!) afford to travel in a manageable, easy way. I’d love to hear if what your beginner travel hacks are as well! Feel free to leave any tips in the comments below.


Here are 3 Beginner Travel Hacking Tips

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