Photos from Seogwipo

I’m quite tired tonight.  Perhaps jetlag is finally catching up with me even though I arrived 5 days ago.  I really haven’t felt the effects of time travel thus far.  Then again I’ve done a day/night flip, maybe that’s why.  Nurses do this switcheroo back home like it’s their job (bad joke – blame the sleep monsters!), so maybe it’s normal I haven’t been zonked?  However, between the pouring rain outside and adjusting to everything new, I’m extra sleepy tonight. 

My brain is going to take a rest and your eyes can dance through a few photos from my weekend adventure in Seogwipo (pronounced “soggy-poh”!) with some of the other awesome teacher dons.


**I would love your input!  I’m contemplating buying a GoPro. What do you think? Yay or nay?  

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Me having a seat in front of one of the famous Brighton Bathing Boxes in Australia!

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