Thanks to the diversity of residents in Waterloo Region, there’s a plethora of delectable delicacies to stock our fridges and pantries. To help you navigate the food system, here is the Waterloo Region Specialty Grocery Guide. Many of these shops specialize in one area but offer many delicious options. Therefore, to best use this list I’d suggest either using the “Find” (Ctrl+F or Command+F) tool in your browser, or read it in its entirety to discover all that our local vendors have to offer!

Last, I have included pet food in here because these furry friends are a part of our families and their quality of food is just as important.

This is a living document and ever-changing list. If there’s a local specialty grocery store I’ve missed in this guide, please leave a comment below or send me an email.

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Wellesley Gourmet (Wellesley) – Butcher, Baker, Sandwich Maker

Pym’s Village Market (Wellesley) – Family-Owned Independent Grocery Store

Stemmler Meats (Heidelberg) – Festive Gift Boxes, Turkey, Wholesale Meats

Kitchen Kuttings (Elmira) – Jams, Preserves, Pickles, Cheeses, Homemade Summer Sausage, Fudge, Brittle, Specialty Local Food, Gift Baskets, Platters, Equipment Rental

Fat Sparrow Marketplace (St. Jacobs) – Meal Kits, Bakery, Butcher, Deli, Dairy & Eggs, Pantry, Produce, Salads, Alcohol

A to Z African and Caribbean Groceries (Kitchener) – African & Caribbean Groceries

Cafe Pyrus Outpost (Kitchener) – Baking Staples, Local Coffee, Organic Dairy & Alternatives, Fresh Pressed Juices, Local Maple Syrup, Grain Harvest Bread, Saturday Mini Markets

Lao-Thai Super Store (Kitchener) – Laotian & Thai Groceries

Smk African Foods (Kitchener) – African & Caribbean Food, Beauty Products

Caudle’s Catch Seafood (6 locations) – Fresh & Frozen Seafood, Live Lobsters, “Caudle’s Marketplace” with Breads, Cheese, & Vegetables

New City Supermarket (Kitchener) – Asian Grocery

Ben Thanh Supermarket (Kitchener) – Asian Grocery

Legacy Greens (Kitchener) – Local Produce, Eggs, Dairy, Healthy Snacks, Made-from-Scratch Meals

Ammar’s (Kitchener) – Halal Butcher & Specialty Grocery Store

Torreense (Kitchener) – Portuguese Products & Fresh Fish

KW Korean Food Market (Kitchener) – Korean

J&P Filipino Store (Kitchener) – Filipino

Robert’s Boxed Meats (Kitchener) – Fresh & Boxed Meats

Glogowski Euro Food (Kitchener) – European Deli

Christopher’s Gelato Services (Waterloo) – Gelato!

Vincenzo’s (Waterloo) – World Market, To Go Meals, Gift Baskets, Catering

America Latina Grocery & Eatery (Kitchener) – Pupusas, Tacos, Salvadorian & Guatemalan Tamales, Empanadas, Churros

Oma Fresh Foods (Kitchener) – Halal Market

Jasna’s European Meat & Deli (Kitchener) – Yugoslavian Restaurant, Meats, Cheeses, Packaged Food Goods, Beauty & Wellness Products (local & European)

Central Fresh Market (Waterloo) – Fresh Meat, Groceries

Black Market Hummus (Waterloo) – Hummus

Grocery Garden (Waterloo) – Locally-Sourced Produce, Meal Kits, Meat, Seafood, Pantry, Beverages

La Fromagerie (Waterloo) – Cheese, Gelato, Baked Goods, Charcuterie Boards, Gourmet Products

Victoria Street Market (Waterloo) – Produce, Dairy, Meat, Seafood, Deli, Pantry, Bakery, Frozen, Beverages

Bo-De Foods (Waterloo) – Pantry Staples, Baking & Sweets, Nuts, Cured Meats, Juice, Snacks, Bread, Cleaning Supplies

Full Circle Foods (Kitchener) – Plant-Based, Zero Waste, Grocery & Bulk

Winnie’s Gluten Free (Kitchener) – Bread, Frozen, Fresh, Sweets

Dutchie’s Fresh Market (Kitchener & Waterloo) – Full-Service Grocery Store

Sadaqat (Kitchener) – Halal Food Market

Fiddleheads Nealth & Nutrition (Kitchener) – Health Food Store

Onkar Foods & Spices Inc (Waterloo) – Indian Grocery Store

Meal in a Jar (Waterloo) – Meal Kits

Waterloo Central Supermarket (Waterloo) – Asian Supermarket

India Food and Grocery (Waterloo) – Indian Grocery Shop

Ayres Baking Supplies (Waterloo) – Bulk Food & Baking Supplies

Zero Waste Bulk (Waterloo) – Local, Organic, Sustainable Groceries

Noor Food Market (Waterloo) – Middle Eastern Grocery & Halal Meat

Cambridge Famers’ Market (Cambridge) – Farmers’ Market

Stoyles Wholesale Newfoundland Food Products (Cambridge) – Newfoundland Specialty Products


The Loyal Butcher Co (Kitchener) – Raw Dog Food

Thank You for Supporting Local!

Thank you for supporting local independent businesses with the use of this Waterloo Region local shopping guide to specialty grocery stores! If there’s an independent establishment I’ve missed, please leave a comment below or send me an email.

For more Waterloo Region Local Shopping Guides, visit the main guide page here.

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