Travelling Teacher Testimonials

Aurrey & Grant

French for Fun

“Learning french as an adult is daunting, but Tara made the experience exceptionally comfortable. She took the time to understand our goals and developed  games and exercises to nurture the skills we needed to achieve them. Tara is patient, structured, approachable, and full of positive energy. On the nights that were particularly challenging, or when we were struggling to overcome the latest plateau, she was a steadfast coach and our greatest cheerleader.

During our time together, Tara helped us grow our vocabulary, gain confidence in our conversation and comprehension skills, and strengthen our ability to read and write. She also took the time to explain essential grammar theories so we understood the “why” behind what we were doing. We look forward to working with Tara again in the future and would strongly recommend her to language learners of any age or skill level.”

Personal Language Learning
Academic Language Learning


Spanish for University
“Tara helped me out this past school year with my first year Spanish course. I was struggling with the language and sought out more help in order to succeed. In our time together she helped me better understand conjugations, definitions, past/present/future participles and their context. If it wasn’t for her patience, teaching practices and strategies, I never would have passed the course. She was a huge help.”

Solenne & Kieran

French for Elementary & High School
“We came to find Tara as a French tutor when we returned to living in Ontario. My children had been without French classes for almost 4 years. Nervous to put them back into French “cold turkey”, we found Tara. My son was entering grade 9 and my daughter grade 7. She worked with them separately, and considered their own specific needs.  She quickly understood that techniques that worked for one, didn’t necessarily work with the other and adjusted accordingly.  She was flexible and yet firm, and always kind. After a summer of tutoring they were fully up to speed once they returned to class in September. I cannot thank Tara enough for making this such a smooth transition for them!”
Academic Language Learning
Academic Language Learning

Elisabeth & Adam

English for Elementary & French for High School
“Tara tutored French and English to my two kids, ages 13 and 16, for two years.  Although both my kids are polar opposite, Tara was able to connect with both of them and she was able to adapt and accommodate each of their learning styles.  Both had very successful outcomes and I would recommend Tara without any hesitation.  Tara is professional, punctual, reliable and always available to touch base and to answer any questions!”

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