Have you ever been on a guided tour in a city where you reside(d)? Recently, I returned to one of my former island homes and hopped on what is, in my opinion, the best walking food tour in Dublin. Back in 2012 when I first moved to the east coast capital, the purse strings were tight. They were so tight, in fact, that I practically lived off of pizza slices for the first while, and not the gourmet versions either. New friends genuinely believed I only ate pizza! Luckily, I soon landed a job and could afford more than cheesy triangles for sustenance. Yet, I didn’t explore a ton of Dublin’s food scene…the nightlife and music gigs may or may not have captured more of my attention. To be fair, I was also thoroughly enjoying experimenting in the kitchen. All this to say, it wasn’t until I started returning for visits to Dublin that I explored more of its culinary gems.

This was a hosted experience with Get Your Guide. Everything you read here is my own personal experience and opinion.

Our world changes at such a fast pace, and quite drastically over the last few years as well. Anytime I return to Toronto or Dublin, I learn that a favourite restaurant has closed and there are 20 new ones I want to devour. With little time and hungry eyes, I turned to Get Your Guide to see what food tours were available for my December visit to Dublin.

Our guide, Kevin, and his wife, Aoife, are the co-owners of Walking Food Tours. They started the company as a part-time gig during the pandemic as a way to help people get outside and improve their mental health. Three years later, the thriving tour company is now their full-time job – and it’s no surprise why it’s so popular! Kevin is an absolutely fantastic guide and host. He has previous experience in the tourism industry, though he’s naturally suited to the job. His enthusiasm for Dublin’s history and food kept us fully engaged throughout the 2-hour tour. It’s clear that the husband and wife duo have poured a lot of energy and love into creating a memorable visitor experience.

Tour Guide Kevin of Best Walking Food Tour in Dublin Ireland
Our Tour Guide Kevin and His Secret Sauce

Why is this the Best Walking Food Tour in Dublin?

I’ve been on a lot of tours – food tours, walking tours, history tours, ghost tours, you name it. I’ve also worked in the service, hospitality, and tourism industries so my standards are pretty high for experiences that I recommend. This tour knocked it out of the park, hence why I’m so excited to share it with you. It’s also why I’m so excited to hop on their other tour, Drinks on Foot, when I return to Ireland in May! Without further ado, here are 5 of the many reasons why I believe Walking Food Tours is the best walking food tour in Dublin, Ireland.

1) It’s more than a just food tour

We learned about the city and its history, as well as classic Irish bites and the best spots in Dublin to find them. I’ve lived in Dublin and visited numerous times and the tour still introduced me to different neighbourhoods, great food spots, and the never ending layers of history this town holds.

2) It’s truly a local tour

There was a mixture of exciting newer food establishments and traditional Irish dishes. When I lived and worked in Ireland, I lived off of gas station jambons and sausage rolls while on the road for work. However, our first stop for a breakfast food blew me away with their gourmet sausage rolls!

3) It’s a sustainable tour

Our guide gave us suggestions for what to order instead of pre-ordering everything. People were also free to choose something else on the menu that caught their eye or suited dietary needs like vegan or gluten-free options. Having worked in the food industry for several years, I can say without a doubt that this small yet intentional move has reduced a lot of waste. Especially in today’s climate, if a tour thoughtfully applies sustainable practices, that’s a big check for slotting it under the best walking food tour in Dublin title. It also makes the tours inclusive for those with food sensitivities or for those, like children, with smaller appetites.

Griolladh Beefo in Dublin Ireland

4) It’s a very affordable tour

The cost is for the tour itself. You pay for the food you’d like to try at each stop. There’s zero obligation to try anything, though I highly suggest you eat at each of the local food gems! The tour is even more affordable if you’re with a friend or group. This was where I went wrong. I should have brought a friend along because then you can try multiple dishes at a time. This food tour is also an excellent date idea!

5) The tour guide is a rockstar

Kevin was very generous with his time and knowledge. When the tour finished, the hospitality continued as he suggested further food spots, places to stay, and things to see and do on our travels. He also offered assistance should anyone have any questions or need a hand during the rest of their visit. Talk about going above and beyond! I have never had a guide do that before.

Check Out More Activities in Dublin, Ireland

There are so many things to do, see, and explore while in Dublin. In fact, I wrote a blog post about what to see and do in Dublin, with a few local gems mixed in for your trip planning! Head on over there for all of the details or click on a tour below if it catches your eye.

It’s a Small World After All

In addition to the many wonderful aspects of the tour, it turned out Kevin and I had a surprising personal connection. He used to live in Kitchener and work at Sportsworld (best place, IYKYK), just like me! How random and unbelievable is that?!! It’s small world connections like these that tickle my heart and leave a smile on my face. These moments are what make the world go round and remind us that we’re so much closer connected than we often remember.

Irish Tour Guide Kevin Adams and Travel with TMc in Dublin

If you have any questions about the tour or if you have any favourite food spots there to share, drop them below. I’ve also included the link to the Best Walking Food Tour in Dublin, below if you want to check it out for yourself. Say hi to Kevin for me if you hop on the tour!

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  • How can you promote this as the best walking tour when it’s sponsored? Bizarre

    • Hi Jay,
      Thanks for reading and your question. The walking tour wasn’t sponsored directly from the tour company. I had my choice of which tour to try in Dublin. There was also zero obligation to write a blog post or share my opinion on it. I chose to write this post because it really was an outstanding tour and is an experience that I hope more people will try when they visit Ireland.


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