Start your next trip in stress free luxury with the brand new Air Canada motorcoach service from either the Region of Waterloo International Airport (YKF) or the Hamilton International Airport (YHM). As of May 1, 2024, travellers can easily book this premium transportation option to the Toronto Pearson Airport departing from these 2 smaller regional airports.

Welcome to the Region of Waterloo International Airport

For your convenience, this 6-foot woman already tested the leg room and I can assure you, there’s plenty! The 36-seater bus also has tray tables, reclining leather seats, free wifi, overhead storage for carry-on bags, a toilet, power outlets, and an accessible lift. I’m tempted to rebook my flights for this month for a proper test run of this fantastic new service!

Travel with TMc testing out the brand new Air Canada motorcoach service in Waterloo Region
You get leg room and you get leg room and you get leg room!

Why Take the Air Canada Motorcoach to YYZ?

There are so many great reasons to book the brand new Air Canada-Landline Motorcoach Service to Toronto Pearson Airport. First, who doesn’t want to be escorted around in style? Forget traffic. Simplify your travel day and start your journey by cracking open a new book, catching up on sleep, using the free wifi to complete work, or popping in your ear phones for a little zen time. Whatever you choose, it won’t include checking your rearview mirror and signalling a lane change.

In addition to ignoring race car drivers whizzing by, your luxurious ride will reduce your environmental impact on the constantly congested 401. That’s a double win for your sanity and Mother Nature!

Travellers moving between Hamilton or Waterloo and Pearson airports by land will receive the same benefits as those who travel by air. What does this look like? Booking is simple – your land portion is included in the same itinerary as your flights. Your flight will also have trip interruption protection meaning that if there’s a missed flight you’ll be automatically rebooked onto another. For any of my points and miles enthusiasts out there, you’ll also be able to earn Aeroplan points when booking an itinerary that includes the shuttle bus! Did I mention that checking in at a small airport is hassle-free and takes a heckuva lot less time?

Check-In Line for Flair and Air Canada in Waterloo Region

How Does the Air Canada Motorcoach Service Work?

By booking a single itinerary with Air Canada starting from Waterloo Region or Hamilton, you can connect through Toronto to 140+ destinations around the world! With 6 non-stop round trips daily, from 5am to 9:35pm, there are plenty of options to suit your travel plans at any time of day.

On your ticket, the connection through Toronto will read, “operated by The Landline Company.” On your boarding pass, the bus portion will read as “CURB”. Once on the road, the bus will fly through the HOV lanes ensuring a prompt door-to-door experience.

Booking Details on Air Canada Site

How Much Does the Bus Service Cost?

As you will see from the example below, the difference between flights with the Air Canada motorcoach service is less than the cost of a restaurant breakfast these days. In fact, the price difference is only $11 in the example shown here for a one-way flight with the shuttle bus included!

Waterloo Region International Airport Bus Shuttle Air Canada Booking Site

Toronto to Portland on Air Canada Booking Site

Where is the Waterloo Region Airport Located?

The Region of Waterloo International Airport is located at 4881 Fountain St N #1 in Breslau, Ontario.

Where is the Hamilton International Airport Located?

The Hamilton International Airport, also known as the John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport, is located at 9300 Airport Rd #2206 in Mount Hope, Ontario.

What is the Air Canada Motorcoach Schedule?

Region of Waterloo International Airport (YKF) to Toronto’s Pearson Airport (YYZ):

  •  Depart YKF @ 5:00 am, Arrive at YYZ @ 6:05 am
  •  Depart YKF @ 6:05 am, Arrive at YYZ @ 7:15 am
  •  Depart YKF @ 10:55 am, Arrive at YYZ @ 12:05 pm
  •  Depart YKF @ 1:40 pm, Arrive at YYZ @ 2:55 pm
  •  Depart YKF @ 3:50 pm, Arrive at YYZ @ 5:15 pm
  •  Depart YKF @ 5:45 pm, Arrive at YYZ @ 7:00 pm

Toronto’s Pearson Airport (YYZ) to the Region of Waterloo International Airport (YKF):

  •  Depart YYZ @ 8:15 am, Arrive at YKF @ 9:30 am
  •  Depart YYZ @ 9:40 am, Arrive at YKF @ 10:50 am
  •  Depart YYZ @ 1:15 pm, Arrive at YKF @ 2:25 pm
  •  Depart YYZ @ 3:15 pm, Arrive at YKF @ 4:40 pm
  •  Depart YYZ @ 6:15 pm, Arrive at YKF @ 7:35 pm
  •  Depart YYZ @ 9:35 pm, Arrive at YKF @ 10:40 pm
Region of Waterloo International Airport Entrance

Hamilton International Airport (YHM) to Toronto’s Pearson Airport (YYZ):

  •  Depart YHM @ 5:00 am, Arrive at YYZ @ 6:00 am
  •  Depart YHM @ 6:00 am, Arrive at YYZ @ 6:55 am
  •  Depart YHM @ 10:45 am, Arrive at YYZ @ 11:50 am
  •  Depart YHM @ 1:40 pm, Arrive at YYZ @ 2:45 pm
  •  Depart YHM @ 3:45 pm, Arrive at YYZ @ 5:00 pm
  •  Depart YHM @ 5:40 pm, Arrive at YYZ @ 6:50 pm

Toronto’s Pearson Airport (YYZ) to Hamilton International Airport (YHM):

  •  Depart YYZ @ 8:05 am, Arrive at YHM @ 9:10 am
  •  Depart YYZ @ 9:50 am, Arrive at YHM @ 10:55 am
  •  Depart YYZ @ 1:00 pm, Arrive at YHM @ 2:05 pm
  •  Depart YYZ @ 3:05 pm, Arrive at YHM @ 4:20 pm
  •  Depart YYZ @ 6:00 pm, Arrive at YHM @ 7:20 pm
  •  Depart YYZ @ 9:40 pm, Arrive at YHM @ 10:40 pm

Air Canada Motorcoach Service FAQ

Does this high-end service cost extra?

When you book a single itinerary with Air Canada departing from Waterloo Region or Hamilton, you are able to seamlessly connect through Toronto to anywhere in the world. The incorporated ticket cost is reasonable, affordable, and accessible. See the screenshot examples above.

Is the bus accessibility-friendly and wheelchair accessible?

Yes, there is a power lift available that can accommodate wheelchairs. The shuttle bus is a standard highway coach with standard cargo hold dimensions and it can accommodate the same size mobility aids that the airplanes can. Travellers with oversized mobility aids requiring more information can visit this Air Canada webpage or contact Air Canada reservations for more information.

Air Canada and Landline Bus Company Accessible Door

Am I able to book the shuttle bus separately?

No. The Air Canada motorcoach service must be booked as a part of an Air Canada flight through Toronto’s Pearson Airport. It is considered a land connection and operates similarly to a flight.

How early do you have to be at YKF to check in for the bus?

Check-in and luggage tagging closes 30 minutes before the bus leaves. It is suggested that travellers arrive at the airport an hour before the bus departs to ensure both they and their luggage are ready to go.

Check-in Kiosks at Region of Waterloo International Airport

Is security screening done at the regional airport (Waterloo or Hamilton) or at Toronto Pearson?

Travellers who begin their itineraries at the Waterloo or Hamilton airports will check in for their flight, either online or in-person. At this time, they’ll receive boarding passes for each portion of their journey. All checked bags will be loaded onto the coach buses with the passengers. Travellers will then take their bags to the departure level at Toronto Pearson Airport and proceed as normal through security.

Can the motorcoach service be added to Air Canada Vacations bookings?

At the the time of publication, the motorcoach service cannot be added to Air Canada Vacation bookings. However, the teams are working to include this service in the future. (Please let me know if you were able to and I will update this answer!)

For more information or to contact representatives directly see this Air Canada webpage or the Region of Waterloo International Airport website.

Will I earn Aeroplan points on the land portion of the itinerary?

Yes, travellers will earn Aeroplan points for both the land and air portions of their ticket. Aeroplan is a founding member of the Star Alliance network which makes these points extremely powerful! If you’re curious to learn more about travelling with points and miles, check out my Pay Yourself to Travel online course or book a 1-on-1 coaching session.

Is there a lounge at the Region of Waterloo International Airport?

There is a brand new lounge available for your comfort, complete with chairs and chargers. It can be found just past the airport customer service desk and across from the security screening area.

Lounge at Waterloo Region International Airport

Sneak Peek of the Brand New Air Canada Shuttle Service

Curious to learn more about the exciting and wonderful things that Waterloo Region has to offer? Want more travel preparation tips? Still have questions about the eco-friendly and convenient Air Canada motorcoach service? Send me a DM on Instagram and I’ll be happy to help where I can or check out the Air Canada website for more information.

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