Meet Agnes, the Owner of Egilsstaðir Campground

Agnes is the owner of Egilsstaðir Campground, my favourite campsite from our 14-day Icelandic excursion.  One of the most exciting surprises at the campground was the sparkly clean, warm porcelain seats that greeted our bottoms in the chilly morning.  It’s the tiny simple pleasures that make your day while living on the road sometimes.  There was also oodles of practical information for travellers covering the walls in the laundry room.  The posters covered everything you could possibly want and need to know about when driving the Ring Road, from how to avoid terrifying Icelandic speeding fines and where to find Game of Thrones locations, to daily weather forecasts (windy and rainy, if you were wondering).  The lounge was comfortably decorated with couches, tables, and a plethora of charging stations, perfect for our electronically-saturated luggage.

Egilsstaðir Campground Lounge Area

A Most Friendly Host

We settled into the reception area with our cardboard box kitchen to a scrumptious breakfast of PB&J with a side of oranges and bananas after another night cocooned in our car.  Agnes greeted everyone who passed through with a kind smile, helping with directions, purchases, and general questions.  We spent most of the day hunkered down, fixing a broken drone and chatting with her.  I told her how we had found her campground online and of the glowing reviews people wrote about her.  We gabbed about the campground, Iceland, and our quest for the Northern Lights before saying goodbye.  Agnes welcomed us into her country with such warmth and genuine happiness.  She is one of those individuals who made our day, even in the short amount of time our paths crossed.  We may not ever meet again but staying at her campsite was definitely a treat we’ll remember!

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