How often do you sit down and evaluate your goals’ progress? Do you check-in to see if you’re still on track or if everything is in alignment? To keep myself accountable, and to recognize the steps I’ve taken (because they’re easily forgotten), I track my goals on a monthly basis in my daily tasks notebook. I also write a check-in blog post in June or July each year, hence this 2024 mid-year goals review.

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When I set out to write 2024’s goals at the end of December, I changed up my usual pattern and continued my theme from 2023. Usually I choose a new focus to usher in a different energy and intention for each year. However, it felt right to nurture what went well the previous year. The theme I’ve continued with is Green, with the addition of Abundance. If you’re curious to learn more about why, check out the original 2024 goals blog post.

Thank you for reading and please feel free to share your own goals for this year in the comments below!

Personal Goals:

  • Read 24 Books – We’re off to a warm start, which is a LOT better than last year’s abysmal kickoff. To date, I’ve read 9 books in 2024. This is slightly under the projected 12 for the timeline, though I have confidence the goal will be met by year’s end. The most recent read was a recommendation from a housesitting friend in Ireland. Breath is written by James Nestor and it absolutely blew my mind. Without a doubt, I will be re-reading this gold mine of information. If you’re human, get yourself a copy and dive in. In January I read (/finished) 4 books: Return: Why We Go Back to Where We Come From, Confessions of a Pagan Nun, The Brain that Changes Itself, and Free Food for Millionaires. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you put action behind intention. In February I read 2 more: What Happened to You (amazing – another book that every human should read) and The Dictionary of Lost Words (now in my top 5 favourite fiction books). March was a dud for reading and in April I enjoyed 2 more books: All About Love by bell hooks and The Bookseller at the End of the World, which is set in one of my favourite countries – New Zealand. I’m not quite sure if I feel like reading non-fiction or fiction next. Though I have many unread titles on my bookshelves, I’m open to any book recommendations!
  • Health – The goal I set for health in 2024 was to keep moving each day, with an increase in running and attending a yoga and / or vipassana retreat. Consistency is my toughest hurdle, especially with my schedule. It amazes me when people who have similar (or zanier) lifestyles maintain a solid fitness regiment. January started strong, with indoor runs at a local track and yoga to keep the joints from creaking. The beginning of February slowed right down as I settled into my desk and tunnel vision took over. It’s a bad habit I’m constantly trying to break but when the focus is there, I run with it. (Ha!) At the end of the month I hopped back onto my yoga mat and completed a few strength training sessions with a friend which were simultaneously humbling and energizing. It turns out I barely moved in March, but then April’s activity levels were on fire! While on the road throughout May, I walked way more than at home and even ran while on the road! This has been a surprisingly fun addition to the travel routine, when the weather is decent. The first 3 weeks of June were rough, but by the end of the month I re-established a solid movement routine again. Does anyone else have swings like this in their exercise patterns? Interestingly, I read through 2023’s mid-year goal review and my exercise patterns are nearly identical on a month-by-month basis.
XOXO Running in Portland Oregon

Travel Goals:

I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how 2024’s explorations have kicked off! Sprinkles of spontaneous travel, as well as work and family trips have mixed in over the past 6 months.

  • Poland – I am PUMPED to say that this is in the cards for the fall. I don’t want to say much more than that because I’ve had several Poland trips planned in the past that had to be cancelled. Cross your fingers and toes for this time, folks!
  • Newfoundland – Speaking of cancelled plans…well, not really this time, but as it stands, I won’t be visiting Newfoundland this year. As I mentioned in my 2023 Goals blog post, the only Canadian province I haven’t visited is Newfoundland. There were plans in 2019 and 2020, and loosely in 2023. When I bought Betty White, my campervan, Newfoundland was already on the road trip list. However it wasn’t in the cards, thanks to a mix of road blocks. This year I loosely set the goal to visit Ireland 2.0, however it no longer is one I’m working towards. I will make it to Newfoundland one day, just not now.
  • Travel for a 10km Race – Speaking of somewhat random goals, I thought this would be a fun one to work towards in 2024. I researched the weirdest 10km races in the world and 4 caught my eye, but my energy is no longer going towards this type of travel. If you’re curious, here are the super cool and quirky races I considered: The Run Internacional which traverses the US and Mexico, the Midnight Sun Run in Norway, the Not Since Moses Run on the ocean floor in Nova Scotia, and the Spar Budapest Marathon in Budapest on a course that passes several UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  • Travel for Music – Oooo baby! I love live music. Actually that’s an understatement. Live music makes my heart and cheeks burst with joy. It may seem delulu to travel for a concert, however thanks to T-Swift it’s becoming commonplace with people flying worldwide to catch one (or more!) of the Eras Tour shows. At the end of last year I flew to Ireland for a Ryan McMullan concert. That trip then turned into visiting 2 new countries and crossing off a bucket list item – the European Christmas markets. This year I returned to Ireland in May for 2 more concerts (The Staves and Darren Kiely), repeating the decision to visit another new country because “why not”. If flying around the world cost less than a tank of gas, wouldn’t you do more of what brings you joy? There are no more concert or festival plans for this year, however I’d say this goal is checked off.
The Staves in Limerick Ireland
  • Visit 6 New Countries – Woohoo! We’re off to a good start here. An impromptu trip to Colombia in March added one notch to this and the proceeding goal of visiting 2 new continents. Another notch was added in May when I visited Denmark. Plans for 2 more new countries are already in motion for the fall, so I’m 2/3 of the way there.
Travel with TMc at The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen
  • Visit 2 New Continents – To date, I’ve lived in and travelled throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. As of March, South America has (finally!) been added to my list of continents! It certainly won’t be my last time in Latin America either. I’d still love to make it to Africa this year, though nothing is on the calendar just yet.
Travel with TMc at the Bogota sign in Colombia
  • Ship the Van to Ireland – I can say with certainty and acceptance that this will not happen in 2024. This spring I chose not to travel with the van until I complete a few big build items. The goal now is to ship the van to Ireland in 2025. In addition to the build, I did not end up applying for the 2-year IEC visa in Ireland and am really hoping I don’t regret it. Timing and cost were both issues that led to this decision. For context, the first time I had this visa, the mandatory health insurance was roughly 1/10th of the current cost. It seemed like a waste of money when I wouldn’t even be there for the first year. The other conflict was timing. The requirement to ship my passport out for verification was pushing it too close for comfort with a work trip. That said, I believe everything happens for a reason and timing is everything.

Professional Goals:

  • Write 3 Blog Posts per Month – I’m embarrassed and disappointed to say that I’ve only published 7/18 blog posts so far this year. This will be the 8th. With a mix of schedule fatigue and other commitments needing priority, the ball was dropped. I’m excited to report, however, that the summer schedule will be much different. I’ll also be working on a course that will facilitate the process.
  • Send 1 Newsletter per Month – Another fail. It seems that I really dropped the ball on a lot of goals in March, including the newsletter. It’s next on my list to tackle today after writing this blog post. We’ll start the second half of the year stronger. I’m looking forward to sharing some resources and articles I’ve come across in my own research, as well as stories from the road and a few discounted perks. Feel free to sign up below!
  • Marketing – At the beginning of the year I was thrilled to have finally organized 7 years worth of footage. It was a huge task that cleared up so much brain space. It’s been a gamechanger for productivity. Now, creating reels and stories is a whole heckuva lot easier, faster, and, dare I say, more enjoyable. Over the past 6 months, we’ve welcomed 465 new travellers to the Travel with TMc Instagram page. Thank you for being there! The increased organization also made it easier to test out Facebook ads (I still don’t completely feel like I know what I’m doing there…but does anyone?) for the travel coaching workshops that ran in March.
  • Provide More. Provide Better. – If you’re new here, you might not know that in addition to travel writing, I coach Canadians how to pay themselves to travel through the proper use of points and miles. For the last few years I’ve spoken on this topic at The Travel Summit, hosted by my friends and colleagues over at The Prince of Travel. On top of public speaking engagements, I provide 1-on-1 points coaching for beginner and amateur Canadian points and miles users. The same material is available in an online course. The online course is fantastic for people who prefer to independently learn at their own pace. It’s also full of discounts for many of the travel services that I personally use.
  • Start a Podcast – YESSSSSS!!!! I’m freakin thrilled to say that this project is in motion. To date, 7 episodes have been recorded and 4 more are in the recording pipeline for next week. I’m behind schedule (surprise surprise), however this puppy is no longer just an idea. The next task is to learn how to edit the audio and video. I’m also on the search for podcast sponsors, if you or a business you know is interested in reaching a new audience and becoming an original supporter. Feel free to contact me at The podcast is called Travelling Through Life: A Podcast on the Go. It’s a fun and quirky podcast that delves into all things travel and adventures from the road, in the air, and in between here and there. The goal is to highlight how your style, pace, and interest in travel changes over a lifetime and to highlight its many different shapes and forms. You’ll hear from a mix of industry professionals, families, solo travellers, vanlifers, digital nomads, and a few extra special guests each season. Each time I record an episode my energy is through the roof. I can’t stop smiling! I hope this energy transfers through your speakers and that you’ll hear your own travel values and experiences reflected in the guests.
Travelling Through Life Podcast with Guest Lindsay from IBBT
  • Start YouTube Channel – See previous goal. The podcast is going up on Youtube, folks!

How Are Your 2024 Goals Going?

I’m curious to know what’s been working (and not) for your annual goals. What’s your system for reaching both the big and little ones? Do you have a preference or a tendency toward one or the other? Drop a comment below and thanks again for sharing this little space on the Internet!

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