Welcome to Travel with TMc!

Thank you for visiting and welcome to my humble nook on the web!  I’m a Canadian with an affection for words, food, music, and travel. I’m also a (self-proclaimed) chocolate connoisseur.

The travel bug is a chronic itch I indulge daily. It began with family road trips across Canada and the US, and went viral after a 2-month European family odyssey. After university, I leapt across the pond to live in Ireland for a year I won’t soon forget, despite many a pub night!

A few years later, work brought me to live on Jeju-do, South Korea. I created my first blog, la tour à l’étranger, to keep friends and family in the loop. Today Travel with TMc includes adventures, teaching services, and travel consulting to help Canadians pay themselves to travel, like I do!

I’m so excited you’re here. If you’d like to receive alerts for new blog posts, travel tips, language tidbits and more, subscribe here.

Thank you for adventuring with me!

TMc hitchhiking on Hwy 101 in California


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